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Digging for New Answers for Peatland Management

Since 2003, our team at Acadian Peat Moss has been helping to expand the frontiers of research on peatland management.

As a partner in the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Chair in Peatland Management, we work regularly with top researchers to develop even more effective approaches to sustainable and integrated management of peatlands across Canada.

Research and development for peatland management

Once the peat moss is harvested, what do you do with the land? Among the various options, the most sensible is to ecologically restore the peat moss.

Ecological restoration is the process of helping an ecosystem to re-establish itself. In the case of peatland, the goal is to re-establish the original functions of the ecosystem after the harvest is complete. This enables the return of a humid environment capable of accumulating peat moss.

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How does peatland develop over time?

The management of peatlands is evolving over time, as research indicates better methods of restoration.

Within a few years after the harvesting of peat moss, the typical peatland plant cover will grow again. With a high water level, the plants continue to grow and produce the plant fragments necessary to form peat moss.

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